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Turner Contemporary

Turner Contemporary
Written by Jenny Winthrope

A Must Visit to Turner Contemporary

If you are on a trip to Margate at Kent in England, there are many attractions that draw a tourist. Turner Contemporary is one of the must visit place in this area. Turner Contemporary is an art gallery. There are many exhibitions and events held here, as rolling programs. In 2001, this organisation was founded and in 2011, the Turner Contemporary gallery was opened. It has gained great acclaim at both national and international levels. World-class art does not reach the common man. To make it accessible to each and every person, this organisation has spent a fortune, to help people enjoy the rich art of people, over the ages. You can witness the blend of traditional art with contemporary art. “Art Inspiring Change” is the vision of this organisation. Great artistic pieces by Turner are shown to the public in this huge artistic premise.

The Pride of Margate

It can be proudly said that Margate has become a popular tourist spot, thanks to Turner Contemporary. The little seaside town has brought great people like the Duchess of Cambridge in 2015, the Queen in 2011 and the Prime Minister in 2013, to visit Turner Contemporary. It has assisted in bringing Margate into the limelight and has helped to mark a spot for itself, in the cultural map in UK.

For the Community and By the Community

Turner Contemporary has been playing an inspiring role to the local community. Through its project “Art Inspiring Change”, it has inspired little school children, right from the primary school, to help transform various important sites in the town of Margate, that have a neglected and desolated air on them. Programs like “The Youth Navigator”, provides training to youngsters to act as gallery guides. The exhibition held annually helps to provide more exposure to budding artists from the Universities of Kent.

An Artistic Inspiration to Visitors

The town of Margate has reinvented itself through Turner Museum Margate. The gallery is a great addition to the town. The gallery is a lovely piece of architecture that provides free entry to all its visitors. Families have a lovely time spending a few hours at this place. The structure is disabled friendly as it has a huge lift to make it more accessible to those who do not prefer the stairs. It is a great asset to all culture lovers. The eight gallery and its exhibitions spaces, is house to more than 100 pieces of artistic work, kept on display from national galleries and from private collectors. The artistic pieces are on display, for all viewers to see and each piece has its own variety. The changing programs of exhibitions cater to the taste of the viewers in various ways. The changing programs differ every time and attract viewers differently. Each exhibition speaks about diverse topics such as societal attitude, cultural attitude and positive change. The “The Three Graces” is the first exhibit displayed and is very interesting. Each exhibition triggers a different response on the visitors. What is exhibited on the day of the exhibit may or may not be liked by them, as it varies with the temperaments of those viewing them.

Entangled with Turner Artists

“Entangled: Threads and Making” is all about female artists, interested in threads and different materials. The exhibition is all about textiles, sculpture, tapestry and installation. The subjects are about emotion, art, abstract art, exhibit, radical colour, using different technique, artistic conception, dress making, drawing, sketching, modern art, historic figures, etc. People participating here want to be recognised as artists and to get the credit due to their artistic pieces. It gives ideas to the young artists to make proper use of materials in an artistic way. Everything is represented through sewing, wood carving, weaving and embroidery. The materials are not only about threads and clothes, but it can also be hair, quills, plants or any particle that fascinates the artist. Turner Exhibitions are always thought-provoking and creative, which serve as chief attractions to the visitors.

Contemporary Atmosphere

Art has always been associated with historic work, but bringing in contemporary ideas in dynamic ways is what Turner Museum Margate is all about. The artistic heritage of Margate has been given a new sheen with the presence of Turner Contemporary. Art and design has been defined with a new meaning here. The large building has an artistic décor. The scenery from Turner Gallery Margate is beautiful, as it overlooks the beach. The staff has excellent knowledge about the pieces on display and act as good guides with their welcoming and friendly attitude. The cool and calm effect found within the building is worth the visit to this place. Special mention should be given to the galleries which have high ceilings and are fitted with glass doors giving it a brighter atmosphere. The two-storied building allows a lot of fresh air and is a great place for exhibition of art. The classical music in the background adds to the artistic atmosphere.

Café Coffee and Take-away

If you are hungry and would like some refreshments, you can enjoy some refreshing coffee and other items at the ground floor. The GB Pizza is nearby. The coffee served at the café gives a lingering taste to the mouth that one will always remember having at Turner Gallery Margate. The shop found here sells various items that attract guests visiting the gallery. Some take them as souvenir to take them as reminders and keepsake.

Budding Guests and Artists

If you have creative children, this is the right place to bring them to. Children of all ages can spend an entertaining time, making creative inventions from the craft materials and art material provided here. They can display their work at the space especially dedicated to such creative exhibits by child visitors and they can become Turner Artists too. Summer holidays bring in many children to visit the place and the gallery is filled with the chatting and giggling of these children, enjoying their time within the big interior.

Visit the Turner Contemporary to gain more artistic exposure.

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