Things to do

Things to do Margate

A visit to Margate also means that you should visit Turner. A visit to Margate means that you have to visit the museums, amusement parks and water parks here. There are many landmarks, parks and outdoor activities and the nightlife at Margate is always very active.

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities to be enjoyed are at Palm Bay Beach, Margate Main Sands, Westbrook Bay, Fulsom Rock Beach and Kent Scuba.
Landmarks and Sights

With great places such as the Shell Grotto with its mysterious sites and caverns, the Margate Tudor House with its historic sites and the Margate Harbour Arm known for its piers and boardwalks, are important sites to visit. The St. John’s Church has a great structure and a peaceful spot to visit. The Draper’s Windmill is an important historic site.


The Turner Contemporary is an art museum, the Margate museum is a specialty museum and the Walpole Bay Hotel Museum is a specialty museum, while the Lovely’s Gallery is an art museum. The Pie Factory, the Margate Art, the Margate Harbour Arm Gallery, the Viking Gallery are also art galleries that have great art pieces exhibited.


Turner Contemporary has great exhibitions and guides to explain. There are many activities to hold the interest of children. Along with these exhibitions, there is a great restaurant that specialises in local food. The exhibition has great works of art. The Turner museum is very impressive and can be visited at any time of day. The blend of the contemporary with the current works of art holds a great attraction for the visitors. The Turner museum has a great gift shop which has a good collection of mementos to take home and have as souvenirs. The Turner Gallery has about 100 works and they are displayed well and well informative. Turner’s works through his sketches and studies have been labeled to be self-explanative. The Michael Armitage is a great piece of art. The Turner Gallery has always attracted many, with its rich blend of the new and the old. It is free and has many gallery assistants who have a wealth of knowledge about the work on display.

The works on textile decorations are a great hit. Tapestry, jewelers ranging from the 20th century to the current day is also an inspiring work of art. The Turner Contemporary is known for its gallery tours, art workshops, talks and international exhibitions. The harbour wall, the modern building, great space, great gallery are all worth a visit. If you are on a visit to Margate, Turner Contemporary is a must visit place, especially for the art lovers.

Other Activities

There are also annual events at Broadstairs Folk Week. The Ramsgate Week in July gathers competing sailors together for its games. The Ramsgate Festival is all about music, theatre and dance. You can witness Heritage Open Days in September for its great culture and architecture.

Each day spent at Margate can be enjoyed. Apart from its sightseeing venues and landmarks, there is always something to celebrate at Margate.