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Best Places to Stay – Margate

Margate, the seaside town in Kent is a famous vacation spot in England. It has ample sunshine and a mild temperature, which makes for a place to relax and unwind. Staying at Margate has also become easy over the years with the world-class hotels and Bed and Breakfast Margate which have become the rage recently. Here is a list of the best places to stay Margate that will help you unwind and relax
Best Hotel s Margate

The Crescent Victoria Hotel

This is easily the best hotel that Margate has to offer. Whether you are on a business trip to Margate or simply on a vacation, this is the best hotel you can find. The hotel gives you both single and double rooms. Despite the potentially noisy location of the hotel, it is calm and cozy. You can also find staff who are well-dressed and trained thoroughly. This is one of the places to stay Margate that can be found close to Margate old town and Turner Contemporary.

The Sands Hotel

Ever since Game of Thrones, most guests come here thinking it’s based on the show. But once they reach the hotel, following the original disappointment, they are pleasantly taken aback by the excellent hotel it is. The Sands hotel is slightly towards the more expensive side. Because the hotel is fairly new, everything seems equally new and pristine. The breakfast provided will also be filling. The staff are well trained and helpful and take all your requests into consideration to provide you with the best stay possible.
Best Bed and Breakfast Margate

Tiverton Guesthouse

It is not just a lovely place to stay at, but it is also one of the cleanest pieces of land that you can come across. The hotel is located perfectly along the seaside and the hostess is also excellent. It makes for a brilliant place to stay at for a homely feel. The room was also comfortable. It is situated around 15 to 20 minutes away from the main town.

Warwick Guesthouse

The owners are very accommodating and courteous. The room is filled with character from a different era, yet it is still modern. The food is excellent consisting of homemade jams and pastries that you can find only in England. It is close to the sea and just a walk away from the town. Warwick Guesthouse is one of those places that you cannot find fault with. This is a great place to stay at if you are looking for a leisurely place to stay at that feels like home.

If you hadn’t known already, England is known for the polite and courteous people and the excellent food that they have. Margate is a place where you can live out your Enid Blyton dreams. Margate can give you the few calmest and serene days of your life without making you disconnect from your internet. At Margate, you just won’t feel like connecting to it.