Margate Seaside

Margate seaside

Margate Seaside
Written by Jenny Winthrope

Beaches and Seaside to Visit At Margate

People spend months just looking forward to summer and it is not without reason. Everyone wants to soak up as much vitamin D as they can and enjoy the sun. England is known for its pleasant climate. The Sunshine is always available in plenty, but it is never the scorching heat that you would find in other places. If you are at Margate on a vacation, then you are at the best place to be to unwind at a beach. Here are some Margate Beaches that you can visit.

Margate Main Sands

The beach is lovely with the water and the sky personifying blue and blue. There are a few ground rides that small kids will enjoy. However, the tourists who visit Margate Beaches have been known to litter here and there. In such a calm and pristine setting, it is not advisable to litter. The beach is also known for the soft sand, which is also the best in all of South East. Even if it is only a weekend away that you are looking for, away from the hustle and bustle of London, this is a great place for you.

Palm Bay Beach

The Palm Bay Beach is a Margate Seaside that is well away from the crowds of the city. Close to Palm Bay Beach, there are two cafes in case you get hungry, an Escape room game in case you are bored and want some fun and the Tesco metro for when you want to go back to the city. The beach has people playing everywhere. Grandkids and grandparents are constantly seen playing. And on the Brightside, there is not much of seaweed on this beach.

Westbrook Bay

The Westbrook Bay is a lovely Margate Seaside that you can enjoy and is rated constantly as one of Thanet’s most amazing beaches. The sand is clear and soft and unspoiled across the vast expanse in which it runs. The café that is found along Westbrook closes early, so it leaves you short of food after a while, and let’s face it, none of us enjoy going hungry, and a vacation is especially not a good time for that. The beach is not very busy and has very few people here. It is also a good place to try out miniature golf. If possible, visit this beach off visiting season, to get the calm serenity that comes with the place. The sea is cool and clear and makes you feel happy and serene.

There are some other beaches that Margate has to offer for those visiting for a week. The Walpole Bay has some of the clearest and calmest water that you can find at Margate. Fulsom Rock Beach is fundamentally a rock beach but has been neglected as it is made of rocks mostly and all the beach lovers always prefer a beach that has sand into which they can sink their feet. Margate is a wonderful place and the beaches just add the icing to the cake.

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