Margate Amusements

Margate Amusements

Margate Amusements
Written by Jenny Winthrope

Fun and frolics in Margate

As a calm and soothing vacation spot, Margate has something for everybody, and this one is especially for little kids. When you are on a vacation with your kids, there is not much scope to just relax. You have to constantly keep them entertained. The toys you brought with you won’t work; they can play with them back home. So what do you do? This is where the recreational activities that Margate has in store for you come handy.

Here are some amusements for you and your child.

Funshine Amusements Margate

This amusement park has everything from 2p machines to grabbing machines. When you return from this place, not only will you feel happy but you will also have made new memories. In fact, this place is more of parents favorite, as they walk out of here feeling nostalgic and reminiscing all the good old days. The locals are also regulars at this place and you can constantly find them here claiming prices for their tickets. The staff who work here are also simply lovely. At Margate Arcades, not only would you have relieved your memories, you would have made new memories.

Margate Main Sands

The beach is vast and clean and the sand is also really soft under your skin. There are also some fair ground rides that kid can play with. There is one problem with the Margate Main Sands and sadly it can be fixed only by us; it is the omnipresent litter problem The trash cans need to be used more and avoid throwing away wrappers and junk just because you are at the beach. This place is not only relaxing for you but also keeps your kids constantly occupied and they will not get bored or burned by the sun.

Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate is a theme park that has both land and water rides that give you just the Margate Amusements that you need. At Dreamland Margate, the biggest attraction is Peppa Pig. Over the years, they have increased the number of rides and attractions. There is also a stage for live acts. DJ’s can also play music and have a brilliant surround sound system. The staff who work here are also pleasant and friendly, guaranteeing you a wonderful day with your loved ones. Despite the modern rides, the theme park has managed to retain its antiquity and vintage-feel.

Octopus’s Garden

Despite the misspelling, this ride does not go wrong with the purpose. It is not your typical play area. It is filled with interactive rooms and music rooms. The kids also have an option to play dress-up. Not only is the venue vast, it is also clean and can keep the kid constantly occupied. This is your go-to place if you want to fill your day with fun and variety for your kids.
Apart from these places, you could also consider other places like club world that are equally as fun. Margate Amusements provides you with a fairly cheap source of non-stop entertainment for both you and for your kids. There is everything available from Margate Arcades to beaches and amusement parks.

Or why not try the world famous Turner Gallery?

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